About Us


Charles Read at work at Web Presence Offices

Charles Read at work at Web Presence

Web Presence is not your average start-up, we do business very differently. We’re a family business and we have a service that can’t be copied, because it’s built with our own magic. We engage with our customers and their problems. We target only the areas in which we can help.

Our service is aimed to benefit our customers more than us. We believe this is the only way to truly create a trusted brand. Our business is structured, so that it would not make sense to go elsewhere. You simply will not get the same offering.

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We want to see our customer experience natural organic growth. The kind that already benefits our current clients base. Exposure to new untold markets is what we aim to do. We also get better as our tool sets increase new areas for our clients and us to grow. We continually provide quality content to our clients and their customers, to educate and grow business.

End Goals

We aim to improve the “bottom line” always putting our customers in the best possible light on the web. Web Presence aims to give value in every part of your business. From brand awareness through to increased web prescience and psychical traffic I.e. leads. We help the business convert and measure using various analytics tools. We provide exposure through various trusted techniques, that really work, and that’s what we’re about.

Helping customers I.e. people find you. We want your audience to find your products and services in the real world, that’s apart of our greatest vision to change the landscape of South Africa and increase revenue for the local business. Allowing local business to change the country through their personal growth.