What is “Google My Business”?

Short version

“Google My Business” from a marketing perspective is, A listing. That is it allows your business to appear in the Google search results.

So why’s it better

Google My Business listings typically appear in the prized 1st position on page 1. That is unless someone is paying for a position above you i.e. ads. But even then you’ll be found on page 1 if you’ve done your due diligence and provide a good service/product.

Tell me more…

Criteria: If you have a physical location i.e. a brick and mortar building from which you work then you can get a Google My Business listing.

Once your listings is setup, your business can be found on mobile phone’s and Laptop’s everywhere in and around your local area.

That’s right it’s a golden listing position. Providing you do the work and your business meets the needs of your targeted customers.

You can expect an optimized listing to out rank your competition. See the example below.

So as you can see an optimized Google My Business helps your business appear in the search results in the yellow (Area 1).

When someone uses google to search for a business like yours i.e. in this case a local Pharmacy.

Someone is likely to type a phrase like “Pharmacy near me” in the google search box. The results seen will be where google my business listings are shown above.

So providing a listing is the most relevant & optimized correctly. You should expect your business listing will be displayed in (Area 1) on a Desktop PC/laptop on the left or in (Area 1) on a mobile phone (top right).

Last Points

Note: Google my Business listings also appear in the area on the page where the phone currently sits.

Caveat: This is providing no one is paying for ads (Google Adwords). A paid google advert is likely to be above an optimized listings, however as you can see in this case there are no ads. Hence in many cases there is little need to pay for a higher position unless you’re not in (Area 1). 

It is often advisable to allocate a small budget towards advertising regardless, as it will ensure that you’re always up front in case your competitor’s up their game. Just remember the first step is to always have optimized listings and ensure you have a websites with reporting, or else you’ll be wasting money on ads. So don’t do ad’s before getting your listing right.

Ultimately your business can found 3 times on the 1st page of Google when you search for a specific keyword, that’s if you’ve got good content and it’s  optimized.